Weather, temperature and climate in Stockholm

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Stockholm weather – well there's a lot to be said on that topic and it's always wise to check the forecast before travelling. Because you never, ever know what you're gonna get. Even we who live here are surprised by how fast the weather can change.

Weather in Stockholm

On paper, it's easy. Stockholm weather could be described as cold, long winters and a short but beautiful summer. The autumn tend to be rainy, but spring can be quite nice. Especially the later part of April and May.

But. There's more to our local climate than that. We can have fantastic winter days when sunshine reflects on snowy roofs and on the ice sheets on the water mirror of Riddarfjärden. And – we sorry to have to admit – there can be really awful summer days with cold temperatures and lots of rain.

Stockholm weather – the different seasons

Summer – June to August

If you'd like to walk around Stockholm in shorts or skirt, this is the only time to go. But do bring some warmer clothes as well, for the sometimes chilly evenings and in case you are unlucky enough to be here during some of our colder summer days.

Low / High / Average temperature month by month

June: 11C / 21C / 16C
July: 14C / 22C/ 18C
August: 13C / 21C / 17C

Autumn – September to November

The early weeks of autumn can be amazing. Sometimes the warmth of the summer stays for a few week into September and in October the trees in all the wonderful parks of Stockholm start shifting color. September may very well, together with May, be the best time to visit this city. The weather is usually nice and there are less tourists in town than during the summer months. November? No. Go somewhere else. Thailand or Florida, maybe?

Low / High / Average temperature month by month

September: 9C / 15C / 12C
October: 5C / 10 C / 8C
November: 1C / 5C / 3C

Winter – December to February

Everyone dreams of a white Christmas, right? Unfortunately that's not always the case in Stockholm. We are more likely to get a brownish and rainy Christmas – even though we get snow in December sometimes. The best chance of experiencing a wintry Stockholm covered in blankets of soft snow, is in late January and February.

Low / High / Average temperature month by month

December: -3C / 2C / -1C
January: -4C / 0C / -2C
February: -5C / -0C / -3C

Spring – March to May

Oh, lovely spring! March is usually a really lousy month, it's the November of spring, sort of. But the later weeks of April and whole of May can be just super. Temperatures are on the rise, flowers and trees are coming back to life, and the people of Stockholm comes out of their winter hideouts and starts dancing naked in the streets and starts cycling to work and having fika outdoors.

Low / High / Average temperature month by month

March: -2C / 3C / 1C
April: 5C / 9C / 1C
May: 6C / 16C / 11C

Weather in Stockholm right now