From Stockholm Airport to the city – your transfer options explained

Last Updated on June 8, 2023 by Göran Ingman

There are different options for transfer from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to town: bus, train, taxi or private car transfer. Prices and travel time vary of course. [Updated 08-06-2023]

Stockholm Airport Arlanda transfer to the city

Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) is the large international airport that’s been around forever. It’s situated 44 kilometers from the city center and handles almost all inbound international flights, flights originating within Europe as well as long haul.

If you fly in directly from USA, China, India, Thailand or others overseas destinations – then Arlanda is where you'll touch down.

If you're coming from Europe there's a small chance that you'll land on Bromma Airport, mainly on flights from Brussels and Helsinki, the chances are so slim that we won't bother with giving any transfer advice from Bromma.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport – transfer to the city

From Arlanda you have a number of transfer choices: bus, train, taxi or privat transfer.

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Going by bus is the cheapest option, but it can be bit slow sometimes if the traffic is heavy. Catching the train is the fastest alternativ, but it’s bit expensive.

Taxis are always outside the terminal and even if the vast majority of them are safe, there’s always a small chance of being tricked into paying to much. The problems with taxi scams in Stockholm are not as big as they used to be a few years ago, but they’re not entirely gone either.

If you prefer to go by car all the way from airport to your hotel, and don’t want to take a chance on taxis, we can highly recommend booking a private car transfer. You just book it online and get a fixed price for the ride. Safe and reliable.

Bus from Arlanda

Vy Flygbussarna, the Airport Coaches, is the most popular option for getting from Arlanda to the city. The buses are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and they stop outside all terminals.

The journey in to town takes about 45 minutes, but keep in mind that it can take longer during rush hour in the morning and afternoon. In Stockholm the bus stops at Airport Coaches City terminal. From there you'll have to make your own way to the hotel, using buses, subway or taxi.

Tickets are about 16 EUR and it’s easy to book them online. After making the reservation, you’ll get at voucher (choose between paper or electronic) to show the driver.

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Airport Train – Arlanda Express

Arlanda Express is one of the best airport trains on the planet. It’s almost always on time, it’s clean, fresh and modern, and the travel time between Arlanda and the city is just 20 minutes.

There’s only one issue. It’s expensive. In fact, it’s the most expensive airport train you’ll ever find. Any where in the world. A one way ticket is 320 SEK, a round trip ticket costs 600 USD. But there are discounts to be had if you're a group of people traveling together and kids always go for free together with an paying adult.

More info at Arlanda Express

Taxi from Arlanda Airport

Here’s the thing. We’ve been having some issues with taxi scams in Stockholm. The problems probably peaked in 2013-2014 when lot’s of tourists where cheated into paying absurd amounts of money for their taxi rides. Things have gotten better, but we still have som rotten taxi companies and dirty drivers.

For us locals, they’re usually easy to spot. But if you’re a visitor coming direct from a long flight, chances are that you’ll choose the wrong car.

To avoid this, look out for the big and trusted companies: Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020, Sverige Taxi, and Taxi-Kurir. And keep in mind that they should be spelled exactly like that. There has, for instance, been a company called “Taxi i Stockholm” – which is something entirely different than “Taxi Stockholm” – even if it’s just one letter that differs.

Transfer by business car (maximum 3 passengers)

If you prefer to travel in a private car from the airport terminal directly to your hotel, but don’t feel like taking a taxi, then go for this option. It’s a bit pricey, but if you’re two or three people sharing a car, it can actually be quite affordable. And it’s by far the most convenient way to in to town.

Book and pay online, you get a fixed price, and you’ll have a driver waiting for you when you exit the arrivals area at Arlanda.

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